‘World’s hottest gran’ who uses freeze therapy to stay young has landmark birthday

‘World’s hottest gran’ who uses freeze therapy to stay young has landmark birthday


A woman who uses freeze therapy to still the inevitable march of time has celebrated her fiftieth birthday.

Gina Stewart has a huge following on Instagram where she is known as ‘the world’s hottest gran’.

The chronology defying grandma recently braved cryotherapy to “rejuvenate” her body.

Two months after enduring the intense cold exposure therapy the Australian celebrated her big five-o.

Along with her two daughter’s Gina stayed at the five-star Sheraton Grand Resort Hotel.

Gina told Daily Star Online : “I’m staying in a beautiful beach villa at the five star Sheraton Grand Resort Hotel on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

“I’m surrounded by my family. Spoilt and enjoying the beautiful sunny warm weather.”

On the big day itself Gina enjoyed the sights of the picturesque resort after being treated to a bunch of flowers, as well as jewellery, Champagne and a cake.

This wasn’t the only surprise in store for the glam gran either.

Her family arranged for a special message to be broadcast in the sky.

She said: “My family surprised me with helicopters flying past saying ‘Happy 50th birthday Gina’ when we were at lunch around the pool.”

Gina is candid about her beauty regime, which was recently taken to new extremes with a trip to the cryo-chamber.

She said: “It’s three minutes a session and I literally freeze myself to -110C for three minutes a session.

“It’s literally colder than the North Pole.

“It’s amazing for skin collagen and health, the effects are like rejuvenation for the whole body and each session burns up to 800 calories.”

The 50-year-old steers clear of botox however, because she is scared of needles.

Instead she douses herself in rosehip oil and eats a protein rich diet.

Sadly for those looking to emulate the gran, she also stays away from coffee and alcohol.


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