Voice of the Mirror: Unfair flood spending leaves poor areas at the mercy of the elements

Voice of the Mirror: Unfair flood spending leaves poor areas at the mercy of the elements


Once again thousands are dealing with the consequences of severe flooding.

Many have seen their homes and livelihoods ruined, others have been forced into temporary accommodation.

The Government boasts that it is investing billions in flood defences.

But this money has been unevenly and unfairly allocated.

A report by the National Audit Office last year found that people living in the poorest areas are at higher risk of flooding than others.

Yet the NAO says the proportion of Government funding for flood defences in the most deprived parts of country has fallen “substantially” since 2014.

Many of those whose homes have been inundated are victims of Tory discrimination as well as bad weather.

The climate crisis means these extreme weather events are becoming more frequent.

We need to make sure flood defence money goes to the places where it is most needed, regardless of their prosperity.

Isn’t that what levelling up is supposed to be about?

Our heart-rending report today on two teachers who died of Covid-19 underlines why we need to rethink the vaccine policy.

The Government was right to make sure the first vaccinations went to the elderly, the clinically vulnerable and health and care workers.

Once they have received their jabs then the priority should be frontline workers such as teachers, police officers and transport staff.

Everybody wants schools to reopen as soon as possible, but not at any cost.

We should not be placing teachers and classroom assistants in a position where they are having to risk their lives to do their job.

With a vaccine they would not have to.

In his first day in the job Joe Biden has already done more good than Donald Trump did in four years.

Let’s hope he uses the next 1,460 days he’s in office just as productively.


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