Voice of the Mirror: ‘Boris Johnson scores own goal as Marcus Rashford wins Pride of Britain gong’

Voice of the Mirror: ‘Boris Johnson scores own goal as Marcus Rashford wins Pride of Britain gong’


Winner of much silverware in a glittering football career, Manchester United and England striker Marcus Rashford’s deserved Pride of Britain award recognises a stunning all-round performance.

The remarkable man is giving his sport a good name by continuing to champion hungry children after forcing the Government in London to feed them in the summer holidays.

Intensifying pressure to provide free school meal vouchers in future holidays, Rashford proves that he is no flash in the pan.

What is remarkable is an incompetent Conservative Government and Prime Minister continue to resist spending what would be a small amount in the grand scheme of things.

Boris Johnson ’s failure to reply to a letter from Rashford is insulting and we urge the PM to meet the player and hear his argument.

Rashford is proud of his MBE, and now he is, to borrow that old football cliché, over the moon at his Pride of Britain award.

The PM should realise Rashford won’t stop until he wins for hungry children.

Having Amazon advise our Government on procurement after Brexit is another strategic error by the Conservatives.

Because the over-mighty US online retail behemoth proves time after time that it puts its own profits before the UK’s interests.

So Boris Johnson and his ministers are playing with fire by taking advice from Amazon on how to buy goods and services after Brexit. While, at the same time, awarding it contracts worth hundreds of millions of pounds.

If he valued efficiency and decent standards, the PM would listen only to UK firms playing fair on tax and treating employees respectfully.

Adele has taken America by storm on a TV sketch show, a home-grown superstar shining brightly around the globe.

Should the finest female voice of her generation ever tire of singing for her supper, a future as a chat show host surely awaits.


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