UK weather forecast: More heavy rain set to batter Brits in week long washout

UK weather forecast: More heavy rain set to batter Brits in week long washout


A storm could be named in the coming days with more heavy rain on the cards for Britain in a week long washout that includes hail and thunder.

Across England, Wales and Scotland a total of 86 flood alerts and 36 warnings are in place for Monday alone as river levels continue to rise.

The weekend saw parts of the UK hit with October’s full quota of rainfall in just three days, with some areas seeing over 100mm.

The miserable weather was thanks to spiralling clouds getting caught up in low pressure which saw downpours last for hours at a time.

And that low pressure is set to remain hanging over Britain for at least the next couple of days as it slowly migrates northwards – before being replaced with what could become an official storm.

BBC forecaster Helen Willetts said the cloud bands will become “more fragmented and the rain more showery in nature” today, but warned: “It’s certainly not dry.”

Storm Alex had come rampaging across the Channel from France at the end of last week, bringing torrential rain and winds up to 65mph.

And while he is now “well and truly over the continent”, by Thursday Britain could be faced with a “completely different low-pressure system”, according to Met Office forecaster Alex Burkill.

“If it develops it could be named as a storm in the future,” he added.

The meteorologist said even the south east will be in the “firing line” for the wet and windy conditions this week, though exposed areas “will see the worst of it”.

Monday is set for some spells of sunshine in between the ongoing showers with highs of 16C, while tomorrow will be breezier in the south.

“We’ll see those showers whisking through for England, Wales and Northern Ireland,” said Ms Willetts.

“They could be heavy, with some hail and some thunder thrown in. More persistent rain still spiralling that low across northern and western Scotland.”

The Met Office said in the 42 hours running up to 6pm on Saturday, there had been 116mm of rain at Blackpitts Gate in Somerset, and 101mm at Princes Marsh in Hampshire.

A family of four had to be rescued by firefighters from a road in Billericay, Essex, on Saturday morning after their car became trapped in floodwater.

Police forces across the country issued warnings to drivers after a number of crashes on waterlogged roads.

A showery day for most with some sunshine. Cloudier for Northern Ireland, south Wales and the southwest of England, perhaps with some more persistent rain here. Milder than Sunday but still breezy in the south.

Fairly cloudy with showers continuing for many areas, particularly western parts with some more persistent rain possible here. Best of the shelter in the east. Still breezy in the south.

Another showery day across the UK though the northeast of England perhaps mostly dry. Breezy for many, particularly in the south.

Remaining unsettled, windy and rather cold with sunshine and showers, heaviest and most frequent in the north and west. More persistent and heavy rain likely in the south on Thursday.


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