UK hospital coronavirus death toll increases by 90 – more than double rise 2 weeks ago

UK hospital coronavirus death toll increases by 90 – more than double rise 2 weeks ago


A further 90 people have died in UK hospitals across the UK.

It is more than double the increase two weeks ago when there were 32 deaths.

Seventy-six people died in England hospitals, an increase from the 61 recorded last Sunday. All but one of the deaths recorded today happened in the last 10 days.

There were eight hospital deaths recorded in Northern Ireland.

One death was recorded in Scotland along with 1,303 new cases and 86 patients currently in intensive care battling the virus.

There were five deaths in hospitals in Wales, where there is currently a two-week ‘fire-break’ lockdown – a proposal rejected by Boris Johnson for England.

However a second such lockdown could be required in Wales by January or February next year, Wales’ deputy minister for economy and transport has said.

Lee Waters said the Welsh Government was trying to “flatten the curve” of the second wave of Covid-19 but could not stop the virus from spreading entirely.

He acknowledged that people were “thoroughly fed-up” of restrictions, with frustration and anger directed towards the government making the decision.

“That is inevitable and I’m afraid its going to get worse,” Mr Waters told BBC Wales’ Sunday Supplement.

“This is not the last lockdown we’re likely to see.

“I think the projections in the papers we’ve published on our worst-case scenarios shows it’s likely we’re going to need to have another firebreak in January or February.

“It’s important that we can show that we are being rational, we’re being evidence-based and we are being transparent. We are trying our best to do that.”


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