These 32 local neighbourhoods have the most coronavirus cases in England

These 32 local neighbourhoods have the most coronavirus cases in England


The number of confirmed coronavirus cases have skyrocketed in recent weeks as Britain copes with a second wave.

And Mirror Online analysis of Government data has revealed the 32 local neighbourhoods currently worst-hit by Covid-19

The areas, predominantly in towns and cities in the Midlands and North of England, registered the most new cases in the 7 days up to September 29.

Student area Fallowfield in Manchester had the most cases with 259, fuelling concerns that universities are at the heart of major outbreaks.

Several other worst-hit places are university areas, including in Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Nottingham and Exeter.

Manchester is particularly hit hard, making up nine of the 32 neighbourhoods with more than 40 cases in the seven-day period.

Thousands of students across the UK have either caught coronavirus or been forced to isolate for two weeks.

At Northumbria University in Newcastle, 770 students caught the bug.

The latest data comes as Prime Minister Boris Johnson earlier warned of a “bumpy” time ahead in the run-up to Christmas.

After falling over the summer, coronavirus cases have surged in the UK in recent weeks, reaching a record 12,872 in one day yesterday.

The figure, a marked increase on previous days, was attributed to a “computing error” causing a backlog of previously unreported infections.

List of local areas with more than 40 cases in seven days


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