Man in hotel quarantine holds sign saying ‘next time I’ll come home in dinghy’

Man in hotel quarantine holds sign saying ‘next time I’ll come home in dinghy’


A man spending his birthday in hotel quarantine held up a protest sign at his room window saying “next time I’m coming home in a dinghy”.

The unidentified guest also had pieces of paper describing the Renaissance London hotel as “HM Prison Heathrow” and saying “What a way to spend your birthday”.

It is the latest rebellion against the Government’s isolation scheme for those arriving into Britain from abroad in an attempt to curb the spread of coronavirus.

The measure was introduced on February 15 and is for anyone flying in from the 33 red list countries.

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Arrivals into Britain’s busiest airport are quickly shipped off to the nearby hotel for up to 10 days at a cost of £1,750 each.

Travellers continued to arrive on Wednesday, two days after police responded to a peaceful protest in the car park of fellow quarantine facility Radisson Blu.

While firefighters raced to Heathrow’s Novotel quarantine after a fire alarm went off.

MPs were told today more than 100 people per day are being shipped to quarantine hotels.

The hotel scheme has been criticised with passengers from non-listed countries often sharing aeroplanes with those who are coming back indirectly from those that are.

Footage from the Radisson Blu demonstration shows officers in face masks talking to frustrated guests who were ushered back inside.

Birmingham businessman Wayne Kelly, 37, who was one of those involved in the protest, told the Daily Mail: “It was a beautiful and sunny day and people were fed up.

“We are already riled at being banged up in hotel rooms for very little reason and then the security guys started annoying us by forcing us back to our rooms.”

He explained that the revolt began as people were outside for their fresh air break, which they escorted to and from by security.

He added that some of those outside complained they were being treated like prisoners.

Any arrival who lies about where they have flown from faces a maximum of 10 years in prison, while those who leave the hotel before their isolation is up face £10,000 fines.


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