Inside crime author’s home mysteriously abandoned and filled with life’s work

Inside crime author’s home mysteriously abandoned and filled with life’s work


The former home of a crime author has been discovered abandoned and filled with untouched possessions and piles of unsold books.

The home is said to belong to novelist Harriet Hicks, who was known for writing murder mysteries and comedy crime capers in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

But it is not known where the author is now or how the home came to be left abandoned, and a group of urban explorers believe handwritten notes found in the property could be unpublished works never previously read by her fans, Cornwall Live reports.

Urban explorers known as Lost Adventures were tipped off about a “house full of books” left abandoned in Cornwall, and they travelled four hours to explore the site and filmed their findings.

They found a time capsule full of works by the author, with sealed novels piled high and stuffed into drawers, as well as finding possessions left untouched since the home was last lived in.

The explorers have now urged someone to come forward and save the “literature gold mine” before the work and notes become damaged beyond repair.

One member of the group, known only as Ben, said: “We were sent a pin in Cornwall and all they said was ‘the house full of books’.

“We went in and quickly realised it was Harriet Hicks’ house, the famous novelist. They are all her books and there are crates and crates of unsold and brand new copies.

“In the drawers are written sealed novels that look like they are ready to be published. There were literally hundreds of them. It looked like the place might have been abandoned since 2002 as that was the last calendar on the wall.

“There were a crazy amount of books and they need to be saved. We just went through the house and filmed it as the door was wide open.

“We went round the back fields and were not expecting to see too much. But what we saw was amazing. Someone needs to preserve them.”

He added that the group were concerned the work would soon be destroyed by weather damage, and hoped getting the word out about it would see someone step in before it’s too late.

Ben said: “It is like everything she has ever done is there, her whole life’s work so it must be worth saving. It’s insane that it is being left to be destroyed by nature.”

The group said they first entered the home to find the kitchen, with medicines still packed into the cupboards, as well as plates and bottles of alcohol left on the sides since they had last been used.

They found all the paperwork, hundreds of numbered VHS tapes and family pictures in the office, while the bedroom also contained hundreds of books still sealed.

Notes for unpublished works had also been left untouched and the living room floor couldn’t be seen as stacks of sealed books were “thrown everywhere”.

Another room held more crates of books stacked “10 feet high” and the group left everything as they found it, hoping it could soon be recovered.

You can see the full video here.


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