TRNC records 16 COVID cases

TRNC records 16 COVID cases

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“A total of 8,105 tests were carried out. There were 16 local positive cases. 17 people were discharged.”


The number of tests performed in the last 24 hours was 8,105. There were 16 local positive cases. 17 people were discharged.

7 people are from Lefkoşa, 4 people are from Girne, 3 people are from Gazimağusa, 1 person is from Güzelyurt, and 1 person is from the Lefke region.

Breakdown of cases by region:


Köşklüçiftlik-2/ Central Lefkoşa-1/ Cihangir-1/ K.Kaymaklı-2/ Alayköy-1


Central Girne-2/ Boğazköy-1/ Karakum-1 


Vadili-2/ Maras-1


Central Güzelyurt-1


Central Lefke-1

The general situation of Covid-19 as of 3 June 2021 is as follows:

Number of Tests Conducted Today: 8,105

Number of Positive Cases Confirmed Today: 16

Number of Cases from Abroad: 0

Number of Contact Cases That Became Positive in Quarantine: 0

Number of Local Cases: 16

Number of Patients Recovered and Discharged Today: 17

Number of Patient Deaths Today: 0

Total Number of Tests Performed: 1,243,796

Total Number of Cases: 7,375

Total Number of Patients Recovered and Discharged: 7,042

Number of Cases Receiving Treatment: 300

Number of Patients in The Pandemic Centre: 23

Number of Cases Being Followed at Pandemic Hotels: 259

Number of cases whose examinations are continuing: 16

Total Number of Patient Deaths: 33

Number of Patients in Intensive Care: 2

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