Couple tie knot at Download as first UK camping festival since Covid kicks off

Couple tie knot at Download as first UK camping festival since Covid kicks off


A couple returned to the festival where they first met to tie the knot today.

Lauren and Jamie Mecaloon tied the knot at Download, which has gone ahead as part of the Government’s mass events pilot scheme.

The pair, from Glasgow, are die-hard fans of the rock festival and could not think of a better place to hold their wedding, NottinghamshireLive reports.

Their Humanist wedding ceremony took place in front of the main stage more than a decade after they first met at the festival, which is held in Donington Park, Derby.

The pair, from Glasgow, exchanged vows and rings in front of a few fans and security guards as the rain fell around them.

But it couldn’t dampen their spirits and afterwards said they couldn’t think of a better place to get married as it had played such a big part in their lives.

Lauren said: “It was great and we have been waiting to do this because of the cancellation of the festival year.”

Celebrant Karen Faulkner said the couple, who met in 2008, had contacted her some time ago about performing a ceremony at the festival.

She said: “When we heard the pilot was going ahead, we jumped at the chance of coming here to do this. We deliver bespoke ceremonies to suit people’s lives and interests and this was certainly the right place for Lauren and Jamie.”

Humanist weddings are not recognised in law in England and Wales so couples must also have a civil ceremony.

But they are legally recognised in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Jersey, and Guernsey, as well as in neighbouring countries like the Republic of Ireland.

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