Coronavirus deaths in hospitals rise by 28 in England – up sharply on last week

Coronavirus deaths in hospitals rise by 28 in England – up sharply on last week


The number of coronavirus hospital deaths in England has risen by 28 – ten more fatalities than last Sunday across the whole UK.

A vast majority of deaths were in hospitals in the hard-hit Midlands and North.

Of the total, 25 are in the Midlands and the North East and Yorkshire, and all those who lost their lives were aged over 60.

There were no new deaths reported in Scotland or Wales on Sunday.

The figures for Northern Ireland will be released later in the afternoon due to a delay in receiving testing data today.

On Saturday, the hospital death toll rose by 51 – more than double the figure the same time last week.

Today’s figures show 758 new Covid-19 cases in Scotland, and 432 in Wales.

The full death toll across all settings including care homes and the wider community will be released later today.

Yesterday, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases surged by 12,872 – which is nearly double the previous 24 hour record.

The case count rose sharply in part because the figure included infections previously missed going back to September 24.

Deaths were again clustered today in England’s North, where vast swathes of the population are under strict local restrictions.

Boris Johnson offered no hope of national restrictions easing as the festive months approach – this morning warning Brits of a “bumpy Christmas” ahead.


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