Brits ‘cheating NHS Covid vaccine queue’ by posing as carers to skip wait

Brits ‘cheating NHS Covid vaccine queue’ by posing as carers to skip wait


Brits have claimed to be cheating the coronavirus vaccine queue by pretending to be carers.

Inoculated people say officials are not asking for proof of occupation, meaning some have been jabbed ahead of their turns.

George Hasan wrote on Twitter: “Had the Covid vaccine. It was straightforward and painless.

“If you are a carer, get yourself an appointment. You don’t even have to be a carer — no checks.”

Carers and NHS staff who are in line to get the coronavirus vaccine should be asked to produce identification, such as carer passports and carer emergency cards.

Dorthe Nielsen claimed not to have been asked for any such proof of occupation.

“I got mine today,” Dorthe tweeted.

“Didn’t need to provide any proof or anything. Not even identity.”

A NHS spokesperson criticised the queue jumping, but did not deny that it had taken place.

“People are being invited to receive a vaccine in line with guidance set by the JCVI, so that the most vulnerable are protected first,” they told MailOnline.

“While it is reprehensible to try to jump the queue ahead of the priority groups, anyone who books to get the vaccine fraudulently should be turned away.”

At present, only over-60s who are not in a priority group should be getting a jab in England.

One person claimed that there was nothing on the NHS’s booking website to stop people pretending to be a carer.

“You could try book yourself in — just say you are a care worker and see for yourself,” they said.

While the booking system does have a simple tick-box option, usually people are required to show they are indeed in line for a jab.

Some have missed their appointments because they didn’t bring the correct ID to their local doctors.

“A couple of people I know who are in the priority groups were asked so many questions and then turned away despite having a confirmation text and everything,” Safeera Sarjo tweeted.

While there may be some slight chinks in the system, the vaccine rollout continues to be a success.

So far 20,703,615 people in the UK have had a jab, with 895,412 having had a second.


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