Amazon customer slams driver who delivered £200 package ‘to her hanging basket’

Amazon customer slams driver who delivered £200 package ‘to her hanging basket’


An Amazon customer has blasted the retailer after claiming her £200 surprise birthday present was found perched in a hanging basket – having being marked as ‘delivered to reception’ by the courier.

Gilly Townsend says it was lucky she had looked up to find the Amazon box perched six feet in the air outside her home in Burnley, as she had no idea it was coming and received no notification.

The package, which Gilly says had been left squashing her flowers, contained a Fitbit Versa 3 and had been ordered as a surprise birthday present by her husband.

On the tracking system, the delivery driver had added a note to say the box had been handed over to ‘reception’, leaving her baffled.

She posted a photo to Amazon’s Facebook page to make a complaint about the delivery, writing: “Well done to the Amazon delivery driver who put this parcel (expensive parcel too) in the hanging basket with no notification. Good job I looked up!”

Other social media users were left stunned by the “unbelievable” photo, as one simply commented “Idiot” as another added: “Your poor squished flowers!”

Gilly says Amazon has now apologised to her. She explained: “It was my husband’s package. He had ordered me a Fitbit Versa 3.

“He works away all week so I wasn’t expecting a package, as he got it as a birthday surprise.

“I have had an apology from Amazon and they said they will take appropriate action with the driver, but can’t tell me anymore.”

Amazon has been contacted for comment.

It’s not the first time a delivery driver’s efforts have gone viral, after another Amazon customer took to social media to thank the company for placing a few of her driveway stones on top of the box to ‘disguise’ the parcel. You can see the photo here.


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